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This site you are on rn is an archived site of student work, certainly full o’ charm and also very 2019 into immediately pre-COVID 2020. Time capsule 4 sure. If it’s what you’re after, have at it.

Ashy says, “Hold onto yer sox.” — more-than-a-doodle by Frances Allen

This website WAS going to leave the earth amid a shower of fireworks on the night of July 4, California time. BUT WAIT — if there ain’t gonna be no fireworks, we ain’t goin’ nowhere. Wheeew-eeee! Stick around & we’ll re-invent ourselves –> that’s more Cali-for-ni-an anyways. And whilst we’re figuring that out, please boogie on down to the fabuous, most really swinging teenage lit-site anybody could ever hope for and more. You know I’m talking ’bout The Lunchbox.

Eden, 2/3/20


March 30, 2020: Things have changed and also not changed here at  It remains our aim to bring you the finest in teen academic writing and doodles.  You might think that our having been out of school since March 13 would impede this mission BUT NO — many of my students are still cranking out terrific stuff.  That’s one thing that hasn’t changed.  

We are down to put the teen in quarantine.



Original Note from the Teacher — January 2020


As a high school English teacher, it has always felt wrong that so much great teen academic writing winds up with an audience of one person, just me.

One is better than nothing, but even better would be lots more people engaging in academic writing by youngsters. If it’s all just for a grade: sigh. I get it. It is for a grade. But that doesn’t have to be all.

So let’s play with the idea that high school students write great stuff about books and current events and the meaning o’ life.

And here are the rules: no rules.


Mark Gozonsky

BIANCA MAIOCCHI: The infinitive phrase that inspired this painting was “to deal with change” on page 59 of _The Alchemist_ by Paulo Coelho. This phrase really struck me because of its relevance to our current world situation. Everyone globally is being faced with a change in their daily lives, and my was of dealing with this change has been to paint.
Sofia Liascheva: "Barry Lopez indicates
that we have irrevocably
separated ourselves
from the world
that animals occupy;

'Eskimos do not grasp this separation

by Kai Chang: “To suffer, with a quietness of spirit.” ( Act IV, Scene 1)
 The Merchant of Venice  By: William Shakespeare 
I chose to pick a phrase from this play because I really enjoy the rhythm in Shakespeare’s writing. I decided to comb through The Merchant of Venice because it’s one of his plays I’m not familiar with. I chose this particular phrase because it’s poetic. It carries emotion that can describe the feeling of helplessness or lack of control.
Cory applied Alice Munro’s idea of reading a book as if you were looking out the window of an unfamiliar house to
Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez.

By Alaina, from our balloon pit, an homage to Lauren Halsey.
This whole site could be Ary’s doodles.
Alaina, on Tommy Orange’s allusion to Louise Erdrich in the first chapter of There There.
Maya, 1/24/20

Howdy! if you are looking for Mark Gozonsky’s website, it’s, right here.

Dov, Desert Solitaire K-W-L, 1/24/20
Randy, 1/22
Lilac, 1/21

Hailey, 1/20
Chaelynn, 1/19

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