We Did It

by Wilfrido Cruz

So long to shmarkozonsky. Shmarkozonsky was a very useful source to use and interesting to browse through. It was definitely worth creating because I learned a lot from it. I tend to learn more from my peers sometimes. It wasn’t just a website where you could see your peers work, but a place of inspiration. Being on the website made me feel inspired by the many ideas that my classmates wrote. Sometimes I never thought my classmates could be so impactful. It was very interesting to see the many brilliant minds that were in our classroom. It made me feel powered to someday make it there. And yes, I did make it. I remember it was one of the assignments about reading and finding the 7 elements. It felt cool to have my own work posted on the website and perhaps been read by other students. 

I also want to say goodbye to Mr. Gozonsky. It was good to work with you and I definitely learned interesting ideas about English. It was a very unique and fun class. Although the pandemic made us more far apart, I still found it interesting to complete the assignments. Have a great summer and hope to see you around next year.

Published by MarkGozonsky

Mark Gozonsky has been writing stories and essays since he was a music snob prodigy in early-1970's San Antonio, Texas. Since then he has written about not only music but also baseball, gardening, teaching, parenting, cycling and the... glory of love. Lit Hub and The Sun have published his work, and so has the Austin Chronicle. He lives with his wife in Los Angeles, where he teaches English to some of the nicest kids in the world at an arts-themed public high school downtown.

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